Electric Shorts

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Electric Shorts

September / October 2014

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7.30pm (3hr)


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Not every film in a film festival, large, small, mainstream, even fringe, is truly independent - i.e. fully self-funded. Electric Shorts now in its 11th year, is the only short film festival in the world that showcases films that have been fully self-funded by the filmmaker. The spirit of filmmakers doing it for themselves is exactly what drives this event. The organisers have put together a program of 12 films that will display different styles and cover a range of themes. But lest anyone think independent and diverse means amateurish and uninteresting, they can think again. These films will compel, excite, entertain, even shock, everything films can do, but often don't. Come along and support true independent filmmaking.


Director Jim Stamatakos

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