2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards Announced

15th October 2012 - Fringe News

2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival Award Recipients

The Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards were announced to a capacity crowd in the Fringe Club on the last Saturday of the 2012 Festival. The awards celebrated and acknowledged the diversity, professionalism and exceptional quality of work exhibited in 2012.

Professional Development Awards

Touring Awards

The Tiki Tour Ready Award, supported by Auckland Fringe – presented by Michael Keating 

WINNER: Emily Taylor, Cannonball


Innovation in Theatre, supported by Brisbane Powerhouse – presented by Sarah Neal

WINNER: Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine


Outstanding Comedy Show, supported by Brisbane Powerhouse – presented by Sarah Neal



Innovation in Dance or Cabaret, supported by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts - presented by Lewis Jones

WINNER: Shian Law, Body Obscure Object


The Tour Ready Award, Supported by Adelaide Fringe – presented by Greg Clarke 

WINNER: How to draw cartoobs and other typos


Best Experimental Performance, Supported by PACT Centre for Emerging Artists – presented by Julie Vulcan

WINNER: Hello My Name Is


Local Awards

The Discovery Award, supported by Melbourne Festival - presented by Josephine Ridge

WINNER: Zoey Dawson, The Unspoken Word is Joe


Outstanding Indigenous Artist, supported by the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts - presented by Eugenia Flynn

WINNER: Sandy Greenwood, Othello: Death Poll 


Best Emerging Writer, Supported by Writers’ Victoria, in association with the Melbourne Theatre Company – presented by Roderick Poole               

WINNER: Sofia Chapman, The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse 


Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice, supported by Kultour - presented by Stephanie Kabanyana



Best Emerging Producer, supported by Auspicious Arts – presented by John Paul Fischbach

WINNER: Brian Robertson, The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shaky M


Original New Circus, supported by Circus Oz – presented by Antonella Casella

WINNER: Mitch Jones, One Night Stand 


Best Emerging Circus Performer, supported by ACAPTA - presented by Anni Davey

WINNER: Hannah Cryle, Pants Down Circus 


Category Awards

Best Cabaret

WINNER: Just a Little Something I’ve Been Working On


Best Circus

WINNER: Pants Down Circus


Best Comedy

WINNER: Choose Your Own Portenza!

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Slutmonster and Friends


Best Dance

WINNER: Opal Vapour


Best Live Art

WINNER: Sex Poetry Booth


Best Music

WINNER: Automation


Best Performance

WINNER: Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine


Best Venue

WINNER: Trades Hall


Best Visual Arts

WINNER: So Fukin Native


Best Fringe Kids

WINNER: Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and his Singing Tiger


People’s Choice Award

WINNER:  Aunty Donna and the Fax Machine Shop