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Fringe Dweller Membership

Craving more than 2.5 weeks of art?

If the idea of seeing heaps of boundary-pushing art, picking it apart over a drink, and having regular access to sweet sweet discounts is enough to send you over the edge, you need to become a Fringe Dweller. Immediately.

25 bucks gets you a stack of member benefits* – think exclusive members-priced tickets and giveaways to Festival shows, weekly updates with insider tips on must-see Festival events, discounts on drinks at the Fringe Club (‘cause members should never pay full price), year-round ticket giveaways from our Festival friends and an excuse to do as much dancing as is humanly possible in 2.5 weeks (we did the maths and it’s actually quite a lot, so buckle up).

Everything is art for 2.5 weeks but Fringe Dwellers win all year round.

Don’t dwell on it. Join now!

*Are you an existing Fringe Dweller looking to renew your membership? Give us a quick call on 03 9660 9666 and we will give you a $5 discount on your annual membership.

A dancer in green bending their body into an arch