Web-only Regos

Feeling devastated that you missed the registration deadline in May? Well, here’s your second chance.

You can still register your event for Melbourne Fringe 2017, it’s not too late. Complete a registration online before the 1 September and you can still participate in the Festival. SeeMelbourne Fringe is for everyone, no one misses out.

Tell me more about this Web Only Rego

Ok, so you missed the deadline for inclusion in our printed Festival Guide, no biggie. You can still register as a web-only event. Digital matters people.

What do I get for my web rego? 

You get all the usual benefits as a regular rego, your event just won’t be included in the printed Festival Guide (as we said, no biggie). Your event will be included in our Festival Program on our website. In addition to this, you receive all the other benefits of participating in Melbourne Fringe, such as:

  • Fringe manages your ticketing
  • Fringe promotes the Festival as a whole
  • Your event is listed on our brand spanking new website
  • You have access to all our amazing resources, artist services on call, etc.

How to apply?

Call our brilliant Artist Services team will walk you through the process. Simple.

What does it cost?

  • Non-ticketed Event (e.g. Free)/One-off Ticketed Event – $275
  • 2-3 Ticketed Sessions – $355
  • 4+ Ticketed sessions – $425

When is the deadline deadline?

The final deadline is the 1 September.
If you miss this date, there’s always 2018! Registrations for the 2018 Festival open in early April.

Registration Login

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