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Help us change the world, one artist at a time.

(But we’ll probably do it faster than that).

Melbourne Fringe helps build the culture-makers that will change the world.

But great power and great responsibility doesn’t come cheap. Your donation helps us fight the good fight. How? Well, aside from being tax-deductible and feel-good-inducing, your dollars and cents will help fund our vital and career-defining Artist Development programs and allow us to continue providing hard-core hands-on support to all artists at every step along the Great Road to the Festival. Talk about bang for your buck!

However big or small (or big) your donation, every bit helps us change the world. If we can turn a major city into a thriving hub of genre-defining art for 2.5 weeks, imagine what we can do with your donation.

Melbourne Fringe is a registered non-profit. Every donation of $2 or more is tax deductible, so by making a donation to Melbourne Fringe, you’re actually saving money (well, you know… ask your accountant). Actually don’t. Just donate. Ask later. 

So go on, swing us some change (then add a zero). Just select the amount you want to donate (or nominate amount of your own) and add it to your account. Or, you can also add a donation to your ticket purchase. Convenient, right?

Friends of Fringe

You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends.

If you donate, we will love you forever and ever and you’ll even get some recognition to give you that street cred you’ve always wanted.

Donor Levels:
Hero $25,000 +
Creator $10,000 +
Discoverer $5,000 +
Explorer $2,500 +
Innovator $1,000 +
Rabblerouser $500 +
Accomplice $200 +


Here’s that street cred we’ve been talking about:
• Personal acknowledgement on the Melbourne Fringe website, in our Festival Guide and in in Festival reports.
• Exclusive opportunities to meet the team
• Get up close and personal with artists

Legacy Program

We don’t want you to die, but when you do, we want you to leave your money to us.

Blunt? Us? Never. Think of the extraordinary impact a gift in your will can have on the arts sector.

At proof of bequest, you will instantly become a part of our legacy program – yes, while you’re still alive – so it’s like a donation on lay-by, in a strange, creepy way.

For more information, please contact Miranda Borman at

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