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Jan 25th, 2016

As we race towards the end of 2015, our minds are turning towards the 2016 Festival and we’re keen to know what you’re cooking up. On April 4, applications will open for the Independent Program, but we’ve been wondering if you’ve got any large scale plans or anything different that we should know about?

In particular, we’d love to know if you are working on SOMETHING BIG! Things like events in public space, projects that create a context for other artists to work within (say a new venue or an exhibition), digital projects or participatory events. We know that these kinds of projects often work a little differently to a typical 60 minute show in a theatre so we’re keen to get an idea of what you’re dreaming up to figure out if we can lend a hand.

We may be able to use the Fringe rolodex to help you get work onto the Fed Sq big screen, gain access to City Square or negotiate an amazing space on the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent. Or perhaps you’ve got an new site you’re itching to use that you would be an exciting addition to the 2016 Fringe Festival?

So, if you've got a really big idea (that's a bit out of the box) drop a line to our Creative Program Producer, Dan Koop, and he’ll see if there’s any way we could lend a hand. Otherwise, stay tuned for the openining of Independent Program registrations on April 4. 

Dan Koop: dan @

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